12/22/16 7:41 AM

Posted by Eric Fishman
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SAFER Systems Integrates Next Generation Technology with Strategic Partnership

Westlake Village, CA – December 21, 2016 – SAFER Systems, an industry leader in single platform sensor integration and chemical dispersion modeling, is proud to announce its partnership with Optech4D Inc. of Houston, TX. The partnership marks SAFER Systems’ continuous commitment to provide state-of-the-art solutions that help improve process safety, training and preparedness assessment.

The ability to integrate Optech4D’s augmented and virtual reality technology, which combines cutting-edge visualization software with the latest in wearable computing, will further enhance SAFER Systems’ abilities to increase site and process safety for chemical manufacturers and refineries.

“Providing next-gen technologies that can integrate, literally, into our customers’ complex environments to provide immersive and realistic training scenarios for the various situations that fixed facilities face is a great value-add for our customers,” said Michael Flavin, Director of Product Management at SAFER Systems. Flavin added that “offering both our SAFER One RT™ plume modeling platform and Optech4D’s VR and AR environments complement each other very nicely and provide a next-level of readiness opportunity for our customer’s Safety and Operations personnel across the board.”

Optech4D, based out of Houston, Texas, combines cutting-edge, SaaS software solutions with the latest in wearable computing and technology. Optech4D’s commitment to deliver virtual and augmented reality solutions designed to improve the way employees work and train, aligns perfectly with SAFER Systems’ goals of innovation and integration of the latest technology into chemical process safety. In addition to cutting-edge technology, Optech4D leverages its management team’s extensive experience in oil and gas, aviation, as well as in a myriad of other industries, to craft a truly effective solution for every project.

“Optech4D is very excited to partner with industry experts that share a keen interest in improving industry operations and safety practices,” said Vincent Higgins, Chief Executive Officer of Optech4D. “Our partnership means exploration and production, refining, and heavy industry sectors – among others – will have access to industry leading and life-saving training and operational technologies where they would not have been previously available.”

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